Racist Thief

by Hangry Hayrabs



Avalanches were all Snowflakes at some point.


No one cares about your shitty book
You're just a dumb ol' crook
With a Stupid Fake Tan
I bet you think you're some kind of man

More copies than the bible?
I think you're pretty idle.

Why don't you crawl back to the gutter you're from
I'm sure it would be super fun

Racist Thief!

Art of the deal?
It's the art of the steal
Let's keep it real

You're the color of a tangerine
You're harboring a rotten spleen
Your liver is probably dirty swamp green
Your heart is an muscle that's never been used
You're guilty of way more than just being lude

We reject your dumb fucking ride
This swindle is over
This swindle is done
Nobody said it would be fun


Take your white supremacist friends
and Hit the road!

It's the art of the steal
Art of the steal
Let's keep it real

We don't want no part of your dumb-ass deal.


released February 1, 2017
Vocals and Lyrics - Yesh Mean
Vocals and Snacks - Cyndi Looper
Vocals and Guitars - Eric Batshit



all rights reserved


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